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Aircast Ankle Sprain Care Kit

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Ankle Sprain Care Kit - Aircast

The Ankle Sprain Care Kit™ is a complete system for the management of an ankle sprain. It includes the Air-Stirrup® as well as other necessary tools and instructions for treatment and rehabilitation. With clear and simple-to-follow steps, the kit ensures that you receive a complete and thorough understanding of the proper care of your injury.

The Ankle Sprain Care Kit™ includes:

  • Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace
  • Ankle Wrap
  • Cold Pack
  • Large Elastic Band
  • Instruction Video and Booklet

The Kit is offered in three (3) sizes:

Small under 5' 4"
Medium 5' 4" - 5' 8"
Standard over 5' 8"

FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS: "Aircast is known throughout the world in providing state-of-the-art ankle braces.  The Aircast Ankle Sprain Care Kit is original and supplies everything you need to care for your injured ankle.  However, prior to self diagnosing your injury, I highly recommend that you visit your local podiatrist for an examination and possible x-ray."

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