Diabetes Products

Diabetes Products

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NeuraGEL, 6 g (0.2 oz)

Fast-acting topical gel for treatment of severe, disabling neuropathic pain.

Neuragen PN, 0.5 oz (15 ml)

Fast-acting topical treatment for severe, disabling neuropathic pain.

$29.95, 2/$53.91, 3/$71.88
Nutrients for Neuropathy

Nutrients for Neuropathy, the latest book by John Senneff, offers a healthy and natural approach to dealing with this bizarre affliction. A complete supplement program is laid out based on clinical studies of the most beneficial nutrients for managing peripheral neuropathy.

$21.95, 2/$39.51, 3/$52.68
Sorbidon Hydrate 4 oz, by Gordon Labs

Unique skin lubricant, moisturizer and softener, particularly helpful for diabetic dry skin, heel fissures, chapped skin caused by sun or windburn.

$18.95, 2/$34.11, 3/$45.48
Aloe Grande Lotion 8 oz, by Gordon Labs

A fine, enriching lotion incorporating vitamins A & E plus Aloe Vera Gel for therapeutic skin care treatment for spreading over larger skin areas.
$15.95, 2/$28.71, 3/$38.28
BioSole-GEL SOFT Self Forming Orthotics

The BioSole-GEL Soft Orthotics provide a unique combination of protective top-cover of soft EVA foam, and resilient support.  Ideal for diabetic, arthritic and elderly patients.  A 1/4" thick insole. 

$39.95, 2/$71.91, 3/$95.88
DH Offloading Post-op Shoe
The ingenious insole in this shoe has removable, numerous independent shock absorbing hexagons. Used primarily for foot ulcers and wounds for pressure reduction.
$61.95, 2/$111.51, 3/$148.68
GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe

Your heel is completely suspended in this shoe thereby, reducing all pressure. Excellent for wounds, ulcers and injuries to the heel.

$78.95, 2/$142.11, 3/$189.48

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