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Dr. Scholl's

“Long before cobblers repaired shoes and prior to the invention of boots, heels, or sandals, men and women searched for comfortable coverings for their feet.

Foot comfort and health have taken a big step forward, and the maker of Dr. Scholl's products can be credited for much of the progress in this area. Thankfully, technology that helps us run, walk, and stand in comfort continues to progress. The Dr. Scholl's® brand leads the way by utilizing the latest podiatric medicine and research to revolutionize the way Americans think of, and care for, their feet.”

Trusted since 1996, FootAmerica® offers quality foot and ankle products.

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Dr. Scholl's® Cushlin® Gel Corn Cushions
Relieve painful hard corns (top of toe) or soft corns (side of toe) with this Dr. Scholl's® product.
$7.70, 2/$13.86, 3/$18.48
Bunion Guard Cushions by Dr. Scholl's, Pkg of 2
Relieve your bunion pain with these removable and reusable gel-like cushions. Great for DIABETICS.

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