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Mycomist, by Gordon Labs

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Indications:  For fungal and bacterial disinfection and deodorization of shoes and boots.

ACTIVE Ingredients:  Chlorophyll, Formalin, Benzalkonium Chloride.

OTHER INGREDIENTS:  A perfumed, aqueous base.

DESCRIPTION:  Mycomist is a fungicidal, sanitizing deodorant spray for shoes and boots which utilizes the triple action of Chlorophyll, Formalin, and Benzalkonium Chloride.

CONTRAINDICATIONS/WARNINGS:  Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in Mycomist.  For use on material objects only.  NOT FOR APPLICATION ON THE HUMAN BODY.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Avoid breathing the vapor.  Irritates eyes, nose and throat.  In the event of eye contact:  copiously flush with water and immediately seek medical attention.  For external use only.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Adverse Reactions:  Erythema, edema, rash, pruritus, urticaria.  Discontinue use of Mycomist in shoes and treat reaction appropriately.

ANTIDOTE:  Give tablespoon of salt in glass of warm water and repeat until vomit fluid is clear.  Give milk and egg beaten with water.  Call Physician immediately.

DIRECTIONS:  Spray into shoes.  Enclose shoes in a plastic bag.  Seal (tie) and allow contact for 24 hours.  Remove shoes/boots from bag and allow to air for 24-48 hours.

HOW SUPPLIED:  4 oz plastic spray bottle.

FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS:  "Most people are aware that shoes are the perfect place for fungus to grow.  However, shoes also harbor a enormous amount of bacteria.  Continuous exposure to bacteria living in your shoes can put you at greater risk for a multitude of bacterial infections.  Mycomist helps to disinfect your shoes by creating a less desirable environment for fungus and bacteria to grow.  Mycomist will even make your shoes smell better!"

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