Origin BioMed

Origin BioMed

Founded in 2001, Origin BioMed Inc. manufactures health products with the highest quality active ingredients, at therapeutic levels, with evidence of scientific or clinical efficacy.

Many natural health products on the market today lack high quality ingredients; sufficient quantity of the ingredients to provide a health benefit; and documented evidence of their effectiveness. With its access to qualified pharmacists, medical researchers and clinicians, Origin BioMed provides only those products which have a solid scientific foundation.

Origin BioMed manufactures products for neuropathy relief that include Neuragen PN and NeuraGEL.  Read all about neuropathy with their Med Press books entitled Numb Toes and Aching Soles, Numb Toes and Other Woes, and Nutrients for Neuropathy.

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NeuraGEL, 6 g (0.2 oz)

Fast-acting topical gel for treatment of severe, disabling neuropathic pain.

Neuragen PN, 0.5 oz (15 ml)

Fast-acting topical treatment for severe, disabling neuropathic pain.

$29.95, 2/$53.91, 3/$71.88
Nutrients for Neuropathy

Nutrients for Neuropathy, the latest book by John Senneff, offers a healthy and natural approach to dealing with this bizarre affliction. A complete supplement program is laid out based on clinical studies of the most beneficial nutrients for managing peripheral neuropathy.

$21.95, 2/$39.51, 3/$52.68
Numb Toes Books, Paperback

Paperback books in easy-to-understand language offering comprehensive help on peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disorder which can cause excruciating foot and body pain, as well as muscular weakness.

$21.95, 2/$39.51, 3/$52.68

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