Surgery Aftercare Creams & More

Lazer Creme

Helps minimize scarring and aids in the regeneration of skin following surgery - especially laser surgery.  The natural moisturizers help relieve fissures, keratosis and dryness of the skin.

$23.95, 2/$43.11, 3/$57.48
Vita-Ray Creme 2.5 oz, by Gordon Labs

Super Enriched Creme incorporating vitamins A & E plus Aloe Vera Gel for skin care and post surgical regeneration of skin.
$17.95, 2/$32.31, 3/$43.08
Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™
Friction Free® fiber, for example Teflon® fiber, is knit into the foot portion of the socks to help prevent blisters and skin irritations.  Seamless toe closure and extra wide top for total comfort.  Great for athletes and people with diabetes or circulatory problems.
$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88

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