Toenail Problems

Toenail Problems?
Fungus Toenails?
Help has Arrived!

Products for treating toenail problems such as Fungus nails.

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Fungoid Tincture Topical Antifungal Treatment Kit

Fungoid Tincture has been used on fungus toenails for many years. Complete kit includes Fungoid Tincture, Nail Scrub and Pedi-Nail Brush.
$58.95, 2/$106.11, 3/$141.48
Fungoid Tincture, 1 oz bottle

Fungoid Tincture has been used on fungus toenails for many years.
$32.95, 2/$59.31, 3/$79.08
Nail Scrub™ with Brush

Nail treatment - cleanse, bleach, smooth out rough, thickened nails and reduce discoloration from fungus infections.

$34.95, 2/$62.91, 3/$83.88
Gordochom Topical Antifungal, by Gordon Labs

Gordon Labs' premier topical antifungal.  Recommended by podiatrists for the treatment of fungus toenails.

$19.95, 2/$35.91, 3/$47.88
Mycomist, by Gordon Labs

Triple action sanitizing spray for fungal and bacterial disinfection and deodorization of shoes and boots.

$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
Nail Cutter, Miltex, 5" Chrome

Chrome, Miltex 5" nail cutters. Single spring. High quality. Extremely popular with podiatrists. Not found in stores.

$49.95, 2/$89.91, 3/$119.88

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