Corns & Callus

Corns and Calluses - Relieve the Pain!

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BioSole-GEL SOFT Self Forming Orthotics

The BioSole-GEL Soft Orthotics provide a unique combination of protective top-cover of soft EVA foam, and resilient support.  Ideal for diabetic, arthritic and elderly patients.  A 1/4" thick insole. 

$39.95, 2/$71.91, 3/$95.88
Silopad Digital Pad, Package of 12
Relieve painful corns & hammertoes with the Silopad Digital Pad.
$34.95, 2/$62.91, 3/$83.88
Dr. Scholl's® Cushlin® Gel Corn Cushions
Relieve painful hard corns (top of toe) or soft corns (side of toe) with this Dr. Scholl's® product.
$7.70, 2/$13.86, 3/$18.48
Gormel Creme with 20% Urea 4oz,  by Gordon Labs

Urea based creme for moisturizing and softening dry, cracked, calloused, rough and hardened skin of feet, hands or elbows.
$18.95, 2/$34.11, 3/$45.48
Hydrisalic Gel, 1 oz

Aids in the reduction of dry, scaly or calloused skin. Great for heel fissures (cracked skin)!

$31.95, 2/$57.51, 3/$76.68
Calicylic Creme, by Gordon Labs

A popular creme containing Salicylic Acid (Aids in the exfoliation - removal of superficial cells of the skin) and Urea for softening of dry, scaly or calloused skin.

$19.95, 2/$35.91, 3/$47.88
Ureacin-20 Creme

Outstanding moisturizer for dry, cracked, calloused, rough, hardened skin.  Adds elasticity to skin.  Breaks down callus.

$28.95, 2/$52.11, 3/$69.48

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