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BioSole-GEL SPORT Self Forming Orthotics

Self forming orthotics provide maximum support and excellent shock absorption.  3/16" thick insole.

$39.95, 2/$71.91, 3/$95.88
Spenco® Medical Corporation

Love Your Feet™

Formfit Ankle Stirrup with Honeycomb Pads
Extremely comfortable and supportive ankle brace. Great for anyone with an unstable ankle.
$29.95, 2/$53.91, 3/$71.88
Stretch Rite®
Relieve heel pain and plantar fasciitisStretch-Rite® is a patented exerciser that makes stretching safe, comfortable, and fun!  Use for feet or entire body.
$39.95, 2/$71.91, 3/$95.88
Mycomist, by Gordon Labs

Triple action sanitizing spray for fungal and bacterial disinfection and deodorization of shoes and boots.

$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
Sorbidon Hydrate 4 oz, by Gordon Labs

Unique skin lubricant, moisturizer and softener, particularly helpful for diabetic dry skin, heel fissures, chapped skin caused by sun or windburn.

$18.95, 2/$34.11, 3/$45.48
Biofreeze with Ilex Pain-Relieving Gel
Relieve the pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and neuromas. Choice of 3 oz Roll-On or 4 oz tube.
$13.95, 2/$25.11, 3/$33.48
Mobisyl Analgesic Creme
Time tested creme for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.
$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
Bromi-Talc Foot Powder, by Gordon Labs

Triple action foot powder that absorbs eighteen times its own weight in moisture.  Effective for bromidrosis (perspiration odor) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
Bromi-Talc Plus Foot Powder, by Gordon Labs

Foot powder containing Abscents, which removes the organic molecules that cause foot odor, rather than masking the odor with fragrance.  Effective for the most difficult cases of bromidrosis (perspiration odor) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

$16.95, 2/$30.51, 3/$40.68
Gordon's No. Five Aerosol Spray, by Gordon Labs

A pleasant scented spray foot powder that cools and soothes hot, tired feet with a light powder mist.  Its unique action helps stop perspiration and odor.

$13.95, 2/$25.11, 3/$33.48

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