Wound Care

Wound Care

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Co-Flex Cohesive Flexible Bandage, 1", 5 Packages of 2
10 rolls of an ingenious bandage that sticks to itself, but not to your skin.
$17.95, 2/$32.31, 3/$43.08
Dressinet® Tubular Bandage
The fast and inexpensive way to hold dressings in place without adhesive tape.
$24.95, 2/$44.91, 3/$59.88
DH Offloading Post-op Shoe
The ingenious insole in this shoe has removable, numerous independent shock absorbing hexagons. Used primarily for foot ulcers and wounds for pressure reduction.
$61.95, 2/$111.51, 3/$148.68
GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe

Your heel is completely suspended in this shoe thereby, reducing all pressure. Excellent for wounds, ulcers and injuries to the heel.

$78.95, 2/$142.11, 3/$189.48
Waterproof Cast, Bandage & Wound Care Cover by Dry Pro - Reusable

Take a decent shower or bath with a cast or bandage.  Even go swimming!  Water protection via a Vacuum seal.  Reusable.  The BEST of its kind!

$35.95, 2/$64.71, 3/$86.28

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