Wound Care

Wound Care

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Co-Flex Cohesive Flexible Bandage, 1", 5 Packages of 2
10 rolls of an ingenious bandage that sticks to itself, but not to your skin.
$17.95, 2/$32.31, 3/$43.08
Dressinet® Tubular Bandage
The fast and inexpensive way to hold dressings in place without adhesive tape.
$24.95, 2/$44.91, 3/$59.88
Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™
Friction Free® fiber, for example Teflon® fiber, is knit into the foot portion of the socks to help prevent blisters and skin irritations.  Seamless toe closure and extra wide top for total comfort.  Great for athletes and people with diabetes or circulatory problems.
$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
DH Offloading Post-op Shoe
The ingenious insole in this shoe has removable, numerous independent shock absorbing hexagons. Used primarily for foot ulcers and wounds for pressure reduction.
$61.95, 2/$111.51, 3/$148.68
GloboPed Heel Relief Shoe

Your heel is completely suspended in this shoe thereby, reducing all pressure. Excellent for wounds, ulcers and injuries to the heel.

$78.95, 2/$142.11, 3/$189.48
Waterproof Cast, Bandage & Wound Care Cover by Dry Pro - Reusable

Take a decent shower or bath with a cast or bandage.  Even go swimming!  Water protection via a Vacuum seal.  Reusable.  The BEST of its kind!

$35.95, 2/$64.71, 3/$86.28

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